There's a huge difference in information provided by an "Information Marketer", than what's taught by an experienced real estate investor. Once you meet Marko you will regret all the money and time you wasted on these "Information Marketers!"

Find Out for Yourself the Real Truth About Marko Rubel!

"It’s been phenomenal. There were so many details discussed. With Marko you just know that he is out there in the trenches, he’s doing the deals, and he’s very effective at pointing out the different nuances."

"I’ve been really impressed with him. He’s a great educator and his sincerity and integrity just comes across. I’ve been to a lot of seminars and I feel that I’ve learned more here than the others combined. Thank you so much Marko for everything!"

Henderson, NV

"Marko thanks for taking the time to do this, it's made growing the business so much easier."

"I've been investing in real estate since I was 19. I've been looking for an automated system. We've increased our profitability and reduced the number of hours in the office. I recommend it to anyone."

Corona, CA

"Just one letter campaign and a big profit. Here's the wire statement for $45,000, and a net profit of more than $20,000. So easy, thanks a lot!"

Garland, TX

"Seminars often just get you revved up but then you realize that there’s nothing there. Here there’s meat and something that you can act on. That’s the difference."

"I feel that Marko really cares about people, and it comes across. I’ve seen others on stage that are great, but in person they just don’t connect. But Marko has a connection because he’s real."

Phoenix, AZ

Six is Missing...

Seven is Missing..

"My wife Jeanette and I have been using Marko Rubel's system for over two years now, and we have found it invaluable to our real estate efforts."

"It was instrumental in closing a major lake front property that resulted in a $105,000 check to us at closing. Thank you Marko for creating such a wonderful and useful real estate sales product, and for helping us make more money."

Ken & Jeanette
Atlanta, GA

"My head is just swelling. I just can’t say enough about this guy, just amazing. If you’re thinking about coming I would not hesitate for one second. Our goal is to retire in 3-5 years and with Marko’s program we’re going to do it!"

"It’s been an unbelievable 3 days with Marko. I came thinking that this might be similar to a lot of what I’ve been to where it’s just hyped up and they try to just up sell things, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was just amazing, so informational."

San Diego, CA

"The one thing I embrace in life is the truth! And the truth
only exists for those who can prove it!"
- Marko Rubel