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"My first mailing campaign netted me a check for $52,483, I'm sure I've only scratched the surface. Thanks a lot!"

Nashua, NH

"My wife and I have found that Marko’s system is a lot more structured than other systems, it’s wonderful because you have everything step-by-step."

"I’ve been to quite a few seminars where they don’t quite teach you how to do things.. What’s nice is Marko shows you the ‘nuts & bolts’ on how to get things done and that’s a lot different from the other programs. I really appreciate you sharing all of your enthusiasm and knowledge. Thank you very much!"

Los Angeles, CA

"We like to go to as many seminars as we can but Marko's are just remarkable, they're just so detailed and I'm very impressed by them. The knowledge that Marko shares with us, I really feel like it's 'inside' information."

"By us attending Marko's Foreclosure Boot camp, we will increase our business by tremendous amounts. We've been doing it the old fashioned way, and he's just the wave of the future. I believe seriously that we will reach our million dollar goal by the end of this year."

Rose & Rick
Corona, CA

"I could've saved about $30,000 if I would've met Marko first. This was really a very good seminar and I can tell that Marko really put his heart and soul into it. I have really enjoyed it and I am so glad that I finally found him, it's just really wonderful."

"Everyone that I have spoken with agrees that they would've met Marko first. Marko thank you so much for the effort that you put into this. I can tell that it took a lot of time and effort and you guys really seem to deliver. Marko you have more than met my expectations and I want to say thank you so very much."

Senatobia, MS

"Marko gives you the scripts, how to talk, what to say, what not to say, the psychology behind the language. The only way that you can fail is by not coming here and not implementing it."

"I compare his system to giving you the combination to the vault. And the only ingredient that's required is the action for you to turn the numbers on the tumblers, and open up that vault, and gain financial freedom and wealth."

Dana Point, CA

"Thanks for everything. And I would recommend this to any serious investor, simply the best. Thanks Marko."

"I got a good lead. The seller was very motivated and I was able to quickly turn that house for a profit of over $28,000. It was very exciting. Let me tell you I can't wait to crank up my marketing and get some multi-units and apartments, that's my next step."

Sammamish, WA

"It’s impossible if you want, not to apply this immediately and go out and start having success."

Los Angeles, CA

"This is about the third seminar we’ve been to. Marko has been one of the most enlightening ones. I’ve been in the real estate business for 20 years and he’s given me some insights that I’ve never even thought about. Incredible concepts, I’m extremely happy that I’ve come."

Carlos & Steven
Reno, NV

"The one thing I embrace in life is the truth! And the truth
only exists for those who can prove it!"
- Marko Rubel