There's a huge difference in information provided by an "Information Marketer", than what's taught by an experienced real estate investor. Once you meet Marko you will regret all the money and time you wasted on these "Information Marketers!"

Find Out for Yourself the Real Truth About Marko Rubel!

"Marko told me Jill if you show up I promise you that you'll get more than you ever thought, and he definitely delivered. It was unbelievably worth it to come."

"I bought a house for $29,000 and turned it for $105,000. $76,000 from one property is what we made! I've been to a lot of seminars in the past and have spend a lot of money. I honestly feel that from Marko we got 10 times as much for half the price, compared to what we've spent for other seminars. Thank you Marko!"

Casper, WI

"I got $85,000 down on a house, and I bought the house basically from the book, it was by the book."

"I first attended this seminar earlier this year, and it dramatically changed the way I was dealing with people to buy houses. I became more of a let's do this together, versus a confrontational approach to things, and right away I could see that made a difference in what I was doing."

San Jose, CA

"Marko is great. He backs up what he says, he helps you, he really does follow through, his office follows through."

"He does everything he can. He genuinely and sincerely tries to help you to succeed, and to avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes."

Lake St. Louis, MO

"This is the most awesome event I have ever been associated with in my 54 years. I’ve been doing this a long time, I’ve checked out all the gurus, I’ve got many of their materials, I’ve spend thousands of dollars, and let me tell you Marko’s program IS IT!!"

"Get to this seminar and you will conclude like I have, that you don’t need any other seminars because THIS IS IT! Here’s what you need to realize, you get one shot at life, and if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, than this is the place you need to be. It’s all here, it’s a system, and it’s laid out step-by-step. Stop making excuses and get here!"

Los Angeles, CA

"I’ve been to countless seminars and this by far is the best. Marko I appreciate what you’ve shown us and the fact that it’s REAL. I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your heart, and I’m a guy that can tell intuitively when it’s real and I KNOW that it’s real."

"I’m sure you’ve heard it 1,000 times but he’s the real deal and that’s what counts. It’s green, it’s raw, and it’s as real as it gets. Marko is definitely unparalleled when it comes to foreclosure training."

Boxford, MA

"We had a house in a very slow market, and in a bad neighborhood, it was in an older neighborhood in Glendale. We sold the house in 2 hours using Marko's technique and the profit on that deal was $41,000. It was amazing."

Steve & Vicki
San Jose, CA

"I had a great weekend with Marko. The most impressive thing about him is his integrity. Of all the real estate gurus, I know that Marko truly cares about the people he's training, he truly cares about their success."

"We've been to other seminars. They kind of give you information but it has holes that are missing, and it seems like the only thing they want to do is sell you more and more. I think Marko is a wonderful man and I really appreciate the care that he shows his students."

San Jose, CA

"So that's pretty cool. Only one thing to say, thank you very, very much, it will change my family's future."

"Marko it has changed my career into a business. I just did a wholesale deal that made me $11,000 in profit, and another one with $3,100 cash profit, and a $2,500 second mortgage."

Park City, UT

"The one thing I embrace in life is the truth! And the truth
only exists for those who can prove it!"
- Marko Rubel