There's a huge difference in information provided by an "Information Marketer", than what's taught by an experienced real estate investor. Once you meet Marko you will regret all the money and time you wasted on these "Information Marketers!"

Find Out for Yourself the Real Truth About Marko Rubel!

"I've been to many other seminars and spend over $100,000, but the greatest person I've ever met has been Marko Rubel. Marko has really enlightened me and changed my life."

"I know that he cares for people and he's interested in what you do. I recommend that anyone should come and see him. Marko I don't ever want you to change. You're a great guy, are fantastic, and I love you!"

Port Orange, FL

"I decided that I'd come and I'm thrilled that I did. There's more useful information here that is for real, than I've had at any other seminar."

"What Marko has done is provide a huge amount of details TO DO THE BUSINESS, and that's what a person needs. I think that for the small amount of money that a person has to spend, it's practically a sin not to come here. I think it's crazy if you don't come!"

Avondale, AZ

"In just one small deal I was able to generate $20,000.00. I don't think anyone can be in this business and not have this information. I have probably invested $100,000 in other seminars and products and I can't think of one that compares with what Marko has."

"I've been in real estate for a little over 20 years. During that time I've met some of the finest people that offer products, websites, etc. I'll tell you for the dollars there's NO WAY you'll do better than what Marko has. I really think he is the cutting edge of what's going on."

Las Vegas, NV

"Thank you very much for being open, honest, and showing us really how it is to be successful. And not giving us the high-flying approach that many other ‘so to speak’ gurus talk about but really don’t deliver on. Thank you, I really appreciate it!"

San Diego, CA

"I'm a police officer with the LAPD and my wife is a registered nurse, and over the last 3 months we've generated an equity of approximately $140,000 to $150,000."

Jeff & Pam
Austin, TX

"I've attended several seminar over the last two years regarding my interest in real estate and foreclosures, and I would say that this seminar ranks at the top."

"Marko Rubel is genuine, he is extremely knowledgeable, and he has a way of communicating this type of material to you in a very simplified manner. I know most people can leave here and actually implement."

Lancaster, CA

"I've been doing this for only a few short months and I've already purchased 2 homes with Marko's techniques. It looks like on both of these homes I'll probably net at least $20,000 on each one."

"My total involvement, even though these were the first 2 deals that I've done, was somewhere around 4-5 hours each. There is no doubt that the acceleration my earning potential has more than made up for the cost of the program. The only way this would've happened is through the detailed instruction of Marko and his staff."

Palmdale, CA

"Marko thanks for bringing me to the next level this weekend. I didn’t think that it was possible. Thank you."

"The seminar was phenomenal. I have been to other seminars where there was a lot of ra-ra-ra but when I got home I didn’t know where to start. For the first time, here, there’s been a paradigm shift. There was very little ra-ra, and a lot of how to implement in a very detailed and effective way. And I’m going home for the first time knowing what to do and how to do it, and it feels good."

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"The one thing I embrace in life is the truth! And the truth
only exists for those who can prove it!"
- Marko Rubel