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"Marko Rubel’s enthusiasm will inspire me to implement the system and get to the next level."

"Thank you! The foreclosure seminar had incredible attention to detail, enthusiasm, and your compelling personal story. You gave very direct and complete answers to questions, and provided a complete, thorough, and detailed course manual. You are obviously working the business as well as teaching it."

Philadelphia, PA

"Your seminar was very well done. I can’t believe how much energy you have. Everyone on your staff is friendly and helpful, they make you feel good. The information was second to none, you thought of everything."

"Marko, this has been a remarkable real estate investing seminar; the best I’ve attended. I have learned so much and I will review all of the materials you have given to continue my success. You really are incredible and have accomplished so much."

Blue Bell, PA

"The seminar exceeded my expectations. I also appreciate the fact that it was not a sell-a-thon like many other seminars."

"Marko Rubel’s foreclosure seminar was just excellent. I would definitely come to this foreclosure seminar again. I wish I would’ve met him earlier before I spent $15,000 with another coaching program."

Cary, NC

"Marko’s foreclosure seminar was full of very useful information that we can realistically apply in this Market. The manual was very comprehensive with lots of step-by-step instructions for structuring deals and marketing."

"Marko also told stories that were taken from his real life and they were very helpful. Marko’s genuine concern to help others really comes through. Great information and software. I pride myself in being a good judge of character and I really feel that Marko Rubel teaches from the heart. I feel that I can trust him, therefore I am willing to spend my money and follow him. I believe and expect to learn my way to a fortune."

San Pedro, CA

"Thank you Marko Rubel. You are the real deal! Your generosity and your big heart have really inspired me."

"This real estate investing seminar is the best one that I have attended. I came here this weekend scattered and confused and I am now going back to 'focus.'"

Boynton Beach, FL

"I am very impressed with these past four days. Marko Rubel has inspired me. He has become one of the greatest speakers I’ve heard. Marko’s heart, quick mind, and thoughtful presentation, is very much appreciated."

"I am down to my last few savings dollars due to the tough market, but I cam here believing I could find a way out. I am convinced you system will work and can’t wait to get home and help myself and my team implement your foreclosure program."

South Jordan, UT

"Full of great information! I will certainly recommend this to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level."

"I have attended a number of real estate investing seminars. This has been by far the most interesting, full of information, and delivered with passion. Marko has an intense desire for his students to grasp the information in order to be successful with their business. Marko has a lot of class and is very sincere."

Aledo, TX

"The foreclosure seminar was outstanding. I learned more about real estate at this seminar than all the rest I have attended."

"Marko Rubel, you are a polished diamond in a bunch of gems. A shining star. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this experience."

Henderson, NV

"It’s amazing how you can continue to learn even if you have been to other real estate seminars before. Marko your seminar boost my spirits and gave me so much hope. I got so many questions answered. Thanks and thanks again."

"By far this is the foreclosure program out there. Marko you really gave us the goods. No smoke and mirrors. Jam packed with pertinent information. They have assistance when you need it, and the backup support is always there. You guys are really patient with us too."

Dallas, TX

"Marko I am very impressed with your testimony. It is very evident that you are the real deal. Your foreclosure seminar is not only informative, but also inspirational."

"My overall impression of the Marko Rubel foreclosure seminar was excellent. Marko does a great job of conveying his expertise in a way that was very 'user friendly'."

Trussville, AL

"The one thing I embrace in life is the truth! And the truth
only exists for those who can prove it!"
- Marko Rubel